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With this book your kids won’t need a magical fairy godmother or a prince to save the day.

You will understand what legal documents you need and why you need them in terms you can understand and actionable steps you can follow.

With this book you will learn how to find the best possible attorney for your needs, safeguard your wealth and put a flag in the ground for your legacy.

This book will help you protect your children’s future and happiness.

About the Author

I'm an award-winning lawyer, owner of Law Mother Law Firm and I help parents protect their kids and assets. I understand that planning for your family’s future without you in it is not easy for you. After all, I am a mom too. Taking this step was the hardest part – now that you’re here I’m here to guide you and do everything I can to make the rest easy for you. I believe in protecting your family’s future so that you can enjoy peace of mind today. I understand that you are BUSY, but that you also want to provide financial security, prosperity, and comfort for your loved ones after you are gone.

Are you ready to take control of your financial future and build generational wealth?

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